This page provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle repair and service. We've thrown in some of our favorite tips and recommendations, too. Please call us or consult our Contact Us page for answers to your specific questions. We are happy to assist you!


    • How much air should I put in my tires?
    • Is it safe to repair a flat tire?
    • What is Road Hazard Protection?
    • Do I have to replace my present tires with the same size tires?
    • Should I rotate my tires?
    • How important is wheel alignment?
    • How often should I have my car aligned?
    • What should I do if I notice a vibration?
    • Can I drive normally on my spare tire?
    • What are the benefits to Nitrogen filled tires?
    • An illuminated light on my dash shows that I have a low tire. Can I just put air in it?
    • With so many brand options and price differences why not just pick the cheapest tire. Is there really a difference?
    • How often should I rotate my tires?
    • Check out the dealer.

    Vehicle Maintenance

    • What are the consequences of postponing maintenance?
    • If I don't take my car to my car dealer for maintenance or repair will I void my warranty?
    • My check engine or service engine soon light comes on. What should I do?
    • Why does my vehicle's maintenance schedule recommend so many fuel system services?
    • I have 100,000 mile spark plugs in my car. When will I need a tune-up?
    • What are all of the chemicals and fluid flushes for? Are they really necessary?
    • Is it really necessary to replace my timing belt at the recommended interval?
    • What does it mean if my "check engine" or "service engine soon" light comes on?
    • When should I change my spark plugs?
    • What is the difference between maintenance and safety?
    • With the change of the season and the temperatures, do I need to have my car checked?

    Oil Change

    • How often should I change my oil?
    • When should I get my oil changed?
    • What is that milky brown engine oil?
    • What is synthetic motor oil?